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The Women Rise Toolkit seeks to address a critical gap in technical guidance for GBV service providers implementing MHPSS programming.

No specific, comprehensive resource has existed to guide or inform group psychosocial interventions within GBV programs. A variety of curricula for group psychosocial service provision exist. However, these are often a specific intervention or model, not a holistic package of guidance, tools, and best practices. Additionally, while several group interventions exist and have been used and validated with displaced and conflict-affected populations, very few of these are specifically designed for women and survivors of GBV. Therefore, this toolkit provides thorough guidance on group psychosocial support for GBV service providers with a specific focus on intersectional feminist approaches to care.

The Toolkit is centered on providing all the necessary guidance on GBV Psychosocial Support service provision, including a full PSS intervention (Women Rise) complete with a curriculum, tools, and training to support GBV service providers to implement safe, accessible, and transformative group psychosocial interventions for women at Level 3 of the MHPSS Intervention pyramid: focused, non-specialized support. It also includes specific guidance and a program design and review tool for unstructured and semi-structured group activities taking place in the Women and Girls’ Safe Spaces (WGSS). These activities primarily work at the Level 2 of the MHPSS Intervention pyramid: community and family support.


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Gender-based Violence Pyschosocial Support Framework and Toolkit 
Version 1 • 2021